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Customer Service
USA, Asia and South America
Mailing address:
7000 Burleson Rd, Bldg D
Austin, Texas, USA 78744-3202

Telephone: +1.512.474.7278

Toll Free:  +1.800.233.9014

United States
Email: Sales
(direct) +1.512.615.7630

Europe, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa
European Authorized Representative (EUAR) 
OriGen Biomedical GmbH
Heerstrasse 18
72393 Burladingen,  Germany
Email: Sales Europe
Tel: +49-7475-915591
Fax: +49-7475-914718

Cell Biology and
Cryopreservation Products

Email: Cryopreservation Technical Support
Telephone: +1.512.474.7278

ECMO and Respiratory Products

Email: ECMO Technical Support
Telephone: +1.512.474.7278

ELSO Guidelines 

Technical Support